Artwalk is a cultural late night in Wakefield, established in 2008.

It takes place every two months, always on the last Wednesday of the month, starting from January each year. It exists to showcase local, national and international talent in a whole range of settings. Advertised times for Artwalk exhibitions and events are 5pm-9pm (though this can vary according to the venue).

You will get a unique opportunity to gain insight into practicing artists based in Wakefield and beyond, whilst meeting new people in a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere. Not only will you experience great Art, it’s also your chance to see more of the city, discovering new venues and revisiting old favourites. Exhibition spaces range from the traditional art gallery space, through to historic buildings, cafes, bars, retail outlets and more. 

For more information about Artwalk events please refer to the Events section of this website. There is no set route (although we do have some brilliant recommendations from local businesses and residents if you need a little help planning your visit). With changing exhibitions and events, you can go where the wind takes you, visiting all or just a few venues. 

Artwalk is managed by The Art House and WE ARE. Venues programme their own exhibitions and events.